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Okay, so I was stunned at two customer incidences this week. Unhappy people. Taking it out on my partners and me. Unhappy with circumstance and needing someone to blame.

So, yeah, maybe they were having a bad day.

Still, does it make sense to make someone else feel bad when you are frustrated?

In my book, that’s grounds for firing the customer.

As you know, my motto is all about “having a good day every day.” When someone makes me feel badly without cause… that’s not a good day.

Granted I don’t take it personally, but I do take it in. It’s hard not to. We are human, we have empathy.

So what is the solution?

How do we best handle these types of situations?

I was diplomatic. I explained as clearly and concisely as I could the situation, the assessment, etc. I tried to remove emotion. I tried to hear what they were saying, to take in the complaints, and then answer the hidden questions.

Still it wasn’t fun. I would rather have let them have it.

As I put the finishing touches on my new Kindle book about having these difficult conversations and how to handle them, I began to wonder what blog readers thought.

I have a system for dealing with difficult customers, I have a system for firing customers, but what are your methods?

Best responses may get a mention in the new book! So weigh in!


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  • Tobias

    You give them one chance to make it right. In a non confrontational way you remind them that good business is something that is of benefit to both parties. You then suggest to them that if this is no longer the case did they feel the need to move on, or is this just a moment of misunderstanding. This gives them the opportunity to make it right or walk way. Either way you have been balanced in your response.

  • Sarah Arrow

    ooo A new book? Awesome :), I’d love a system for dealing with difficult customers. do you cover whiny ones?

  • Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady

    I cannot wait for this book to come out. Systems to deal with difficult clients are every bit as important as the systems we use to balance our books. A healthy business needs healthy boundaries. It’s not always easy to find that space of being diplomatic without being a doormat.

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