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I had planned a deeply thoughtful post for today but I figured you’d want to know that my Kindle book is FREEEEEE at Amazon for the next couple of days.

So go grab a copy and let me know what you think. So far I’ve had some great feedback and I’m super pleased.

If you want to figure out how to navigate difficult conversations, you’ll want to grab a copy.

Here’s the link:

Some of the Great Feedback

If you are running your own business, from time to time, you may come across a situation that leaves you at a loss for words. Whether that be a difficult client, a request to “pick your brain”, or simply asking for a testimonial, choosing the right words is not always easy. Enter “What to Say, How to Say It – Scripting the Perfect Business Response” from Yolanda Facio. This little book gives you the tools, methods and scripts to handle some of the stickiest business wickets you may find yourself in.

This book is helpful on two fronts. First it helps you get clear on what you need to know for yourself and your business in order to make good decisions when you get into tough situations. It’s got lots of good preventative strategies in it like getting very clear about your values and associated boundaries. The other way it is helpful is in the heat of the moment. I’m pretty good with knowing how to respond in theory or when I have lots of time to think it through. It’s another situation in the heat of the moment. That’s when this book is really helpful, full of simple to adapt recipes for a wide range of common things that come up in all kinds of business.

Yolanda explains exactly how to approach difficult conversations, and even gives clear, simple, polite “scripts” that anyone can use in just about any situation. She gives you key points that are easy to remember; keeping the End-Goal in mind, using the Sandwich technique (but no jalapenos!), and always being nice. If you just keep these in mind, and practice your script snippets, you’ll be well equipped to deal with even the toughest situations.

Bought the book because I needed some helpful tips on how to handle some difficult situations and found the suggestions not only handy but very effective! Have since used several of the strategies effectively and highly recommend this book. You can adapt the ideas for related events too. There is also a free workbook and a webinar thrown in, making this deal a real snip. Loved the scripts so much I created some text expander snippets based on the ideas suggested in the book and now they appear with a few keystrokes and save me hours mulling or fretting over what to say. Awesome!

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