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Ahhh the weekend…

As much as I try to provide relevant and useful content on this blog, it would be wrong of me to simply write only the “how-to” article or the “3 tips” article that would garner the greatest amount of traffic and SEO juice.

Business isn’t just about how-to or tips and tricks. Neither is life.

It would be wrong to only talk about those things because I don’t believe that in order to grow a balance driven business you need just one more secret or key.

My “sister from another mother”, Heidi Hauck, and I chatted yesterday about business and balance and what it means to us. And the thing is, for us, her and I, it’s the same and yet it won’t mean the same thing to everyone.

I’m certainly glad I have her in my circle because it is very easy to forget what we stand for, what has meaning to us, when we are bombarded with all the information out there about what we should be doing.

Sadly, much of what we are told we should be doing isn’t a good fit. Worse than that, it’s repeatedly tossed out by so-called gurus who haven’t ever been in the trenches. How could they know what it’s like?

And that is the very reason we should be clear about who we are and who we serve.

Sure, that’s a worn-out marketing issue, right? You need to know who your target client is… what do they watch on TV, how old are they, where are their watering holes, what is their avatar, etc.

I’m here to tell you there isn’t always a very clear answer. It’s a tough question. And I’m not going to tell you I have an easy answer.

Here’s what I do know after 20 years… you’ll know, when you know, and it will be an epiphany. You’ll wonder why you didn’t see it before. But forcing it is the wrong approach… especially if you are like me… an introverted entrepreneur.

So how do you learn who your perfect customer is? Especially when you hate dealing with tons of people?

Time and engagement.

You learn who that customer is by connecting. You take on customers and either it works or it doesn’t and you realize you can’t work with extroverted men with long hair.

And then you take on another customer and you realize that you love working with extroverted women with short hair.

And eventually you figure out who that ideal customer is… extroverted women with short hair who like oysters and pinot grigio… and the color lavender and Dean Koontz novels.

Sure, I get it, meeting new people is hard. Connecting with people is hard. I’d rather roll around naked on a bed of pine cones than go to a networking event. But networking events and big groups of people aren’t your only options.

That really is the beauty of social media and the Internet. You get an opportunity to slowly connect with people. You get an opportunity to do it one person at a time. You get the opportunity to test the waters.

And… that’s where you’ll find me the most. I love Twitter and Facebook. I love email and Skype.

To be clear, I’m not a marketing expert for introverts. Nope. What I am is an introvert who has had success as an entrepreneur in various types of businesses. I’m also a business communication specialist, that’s my area of expertise. Put the two of those together and mostly what you get is someone who is really good at knowing what to say, how to say it, when to say and all to avoid conflict of any kind. It’s a gift really <grin>.

I used to call myself an introverted extrovert. Then someone told me I was an ambivert. And as time has passed, I realize I’m neither. I’m just a plain ol’ introvert who plays an extrovert on TV… okay so I’m not on TV, but I do play an extrovert pretty well. Some weekend I’ll tell you all about my acting career.

For now my weekend message is this… skim ruthlessly and when you find something truly relevant, read carefully. Pick the things that work for you and don’t force what doesn’t. Feel good about how you do business because “faking it” won’t bring balance.

And, yes, sometimes we do need to toughen up and get out there. We need to take steps in a forward direction to keep building a business. Quiet doesn’t always get results.

Keep at it though, I’ve always said, “I’m brilliant just nobody knows it”. Yeah I say that because if we are too quiet no one will know how much we can serve or how awesome we are.

I’m not saying you should yell or shout… but just, maybe, turn up the volume a little bit.



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