Ummmm yeah.

Business doesn’t slow down or go away because it’s summer!

In fact, lots of businesses make their entire nut for the year during the summer months.

Recently, I was in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, as we walked along the Provincetown dock, my friends explained that boat owners made their money for the entire year by taking people out on their boats during the summer months. The “season” on the Cape starts July 4th weekend. Rooms fill up, boat tours are filled, bikes are rented out, restaurants fill, everything starts happening.

Business owners need to get every customer and sale they can because when the season ends and the winter comes… there are no tourists.

The business season for these people is the summer.

Business doesn’t just disappear because the summer arrives…

We still need services. Our cars need to be fixed, our lawns need to be cut, our refrigerators need to be filled, and our businesses still need customers.

Sure, lots of people go on vacation but not everyone and when vacation is over the world keeps spinning.

It is possible that summer isn’t your “season”. If you live in Phoenix, Arizona and you provide the kind of service that requires being outdoors… you probably don’t sell much because it’s hotter than the sun. Bike rentals go down, hiking tours go down, running events stop, outside activities stop.

BUT that doesn’t mean that business stops, it just means you need to get a little bit creative, change things up, offer something different.

Perhaps the summer is a great time to run a maintenance special, if you are a bike shop, to make sure people are ready for when the temperature drops back down to reasonable. Or maybe you offer sunrise hikes if you have tour business.

And, if you don’t feel like your business has a way to switch things up, then it’s always a great time to work ON your business.

Why wait until you are super busy and overwhelmed to start planning for the next quarter. Slow times are great for planning and strategy, for fixing things that might need attention, repairing operational issues, shoring up your website, adjusting prices, creating a marketing plan… working ON the business.

Try the 10 Things exercise. Sit with a notebook and come up with a few lists to help spur creativity. Most of the time there are good ideas in those lists. When you are done pick a few of the ideas and tackle them!

Here are few list ideas:

  • 10 ways I can market my business in the next quarter
  • 10 new services I can offer
  • 10 thing I can make more efficient in my business process
  • 10 ways to increase profits by reducing costs

Go crazy! Make a new list every day.

Instead of sweating the slow times, use them.

What can you do to strengthen your business so that the summer becomes YOUR season?


Are you ready to start strengthening your business? Do you want to skip the summer slump? Do you want to build a business that makes you happy and less overwhelmed every day? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then click here to get started.

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