One of the things I find fascinating about starting and growing a business of any size or kind, is how naturally it comes to me.

It just feels right. I’m not adverse to the risk, I don’t complain about the long hours, I don’t fret about the details too much, I enjoy learning the things I don’t know, I don’t mind the occasional stressful day, and I don’t mind all the hard never-ending work.

Some would call this passion, right? That I have a passion for what I’m doing, so I’m willing and wanting to do all the work.

But, I would disagree.

It’s one thing to feel passionate about the work you are doing but if you are doing it to pay bills… it can lose its shine pretty quickly. No one loves scrubbing the office floors, and yet, when you can’t pay someone to do it, you have to do it yourself.

Passion falls away pretty quickly and we are left complaining about how wonderful it was when we could be passionate about our thing, without all of the hooks that come with it. The money hook, the selling hook, the marketing hook, the structure and productivity hook… all of it, every last task that needs to get done that has nothing to do with your passion can drain you.

It’s one of the reasons I’ve never tried to monetize my passions.

Instead, I have a love of work, of building and creating the business. The widget isn’t the critical factor.

I’m currently involved with 4 different businesses. Each of the four has a different business model and a different industry. I love the diversity. And none of those businesses are built around a model of passion.

Sure, I have to like and believe in the widget, but I don’t have to feel immense passion about it.

I feel passionate about the ability to work, get things done, solve problems, help people solve their problems, and sometimes just have the widget they want that will make them happy. Do I love bookkeeping, not particularly, but I love that it gives me a picture of profits, of how I’m doing. The numbers tell my success story and, in simply seeing what it can give to me, I do the bookkeeping and I don’t complain.

In fact, you’ll rarely hear me complain about doing any function of running or growing a business. All those functions and tasks are what lead to success. Sure, I’m really glad that I don’t have to scrub the office floor anymore but I’d do it again if I had to.

So, consider this… if you are not enjoying the process of starting, building, and growing a business, it might not be the thing for you. Simply wanting to work for yourself or work from home or not have a boss… these reasons aren’t enough to be successful as an entrepreneur.

You also have to be okay with the risks, with the tasks that aren’t fun, with all of the other bits and pieces you can’t afford to pay someone to do just yet.

If you are wanting to outsource your business the day you start it, you might be looking at a very big sign that you aren’t cut out for the work it takes to build a successful business.

It’s OKAY! Not everyone is wired for entrepreneurship. If you are, great! If not, then find a job you can love and spend all your free time on your passion. You’ll find happiness and satisfaction in that lifestyle.

If every time to you sit down to work on your passion and all you see is money… well, that’s not really a passion. A real passion is one you would do without pay, in fact, a true passion will generally create a deficit! I know my art has, I have more art supplies than I could ever hope to need or use. I’ve never made money from my art so I’ve pretty much got a negative balance going on there and I’m totally okay with it.

Before you jump on or slog through the entrepreneur’s journey, make very sure you are ready for the journey, consider what it will take… it’s a long journey but a truly rewarding one!



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