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Well, the month started off in a bit of chaos (see update #4) but things are smoothing out.

I have not changed the challenge list yet, I’m still hopeful that I will get out for a couple of group rides on the bike, if not, I’ll move the mountain bike challenge to next month.

I’ve already started to think about March challenges because these require some preparation. The guitar challenge will require that I build up some strength and calluses. The running challenge will require that I do a test run to time myself before I start the challenge. I’ve had some hip pain… might need new shoes. I will need to resolve this before doing any kind of speed work.

Finally, Paper Quilling

Okay! So my Mommy decided to join me for this challenge and I decided to try to kill two birds with one stone by using this challenge to help with the November challenge which is DIY xmas stuff.

Mommy did all the shopping for this one. She grabbed books at the library, picked up the tools we would need, bought paper. What a gal!

I was very hopeful that this would be something she could do and would enjoy. She has pretty bad arthritis so many of the joints in her fingers don’t work. Paper quilling is done on a pretty small scale but it isn’t difficult. I was hoping that she would be able to do it.

We started out by reviewing the books, looking at patterns, figuring out the tools, etc. I decided to jump right in, Mommy was hesitant so she started in on something really simple.

Our patterns were Christmas themed. She started with a candy cane, I started with a poinsettia. We wanted to use these as ornaments that could be hung on the tree and as gifts.

Now, paper quilling isn’t hard and it isn’t expensive, but it is a little tedious and requires a bit of patience. Each strand of paper is only about 1/8” wide, you roll it on a small tool. Mommy, genius that she is, got a paper holder so that once we rolled our paper we could put it on this cork board holder and let it relax to the size we wanted for our pattern.

Once the paper relaxed to size (or we forced it) then it got glue. After the glue it gets pinched into a shape. Once you have your pinched shapes, you glue it all together to create your final item.

Again, easy. However… it took us 5 hours of work to create 4 small items.

We broke for about 15 minutes to eat a sandwich and then jumped back in. Time flew by and it is actually quite relaxing as you really need to focus in order to keep the paper on the tool just right, get the glue in the right spot using toothpicks, and place the items into your final pattern using tweezers.

Mom did really, really well and decided she would continue to work on more stuff during the week. YAY! That’s a huge win. So many activities have been taken from her due to her arthritis that I am really happy she can do this.

We agreed to meet for another couple of Saturdays to do more ornaments. I’m tasked with looking for some additional patterns online and I want to create a few of my own for ornament gifts for friends.

All-in-all the paper quilling challenge was a big fat win. We spent less than $20 on this one. It was fun, relaxing, and I got to spend the day with Mom how much better can it get?

Here’s some pics of my poinsettias and Mommy’s xmas tree in progress.

quilled poinsettia 2 quilled poinsetta 1 photo (4)

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