Earlier this month, Tarek El-Sharif revealed that his father, Hollywood legend Omar Sharif, is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Omar Sharif appeared in Hollywood movies Lawrence of Arabia, Dr. Zhivago, and The King and I.

Sharif, now 83, has difficulty remembering he was a movie star and is often confused when he is approached by fans. “He knows who he is but not necessarily the reason people greet him,” said son El-Sharif. “He often thinks it’s someone he used to know whose name and face he’s forgotten.” (The Week, June 5, 2015)

When I read this bit of information it made me think… What are you working for?

For myself, I don’t think of legacy. I have no interest in whether or not I am remembered for anything great. I’m not concerned with building something because there’s a trophy at the end. Sharif’s story is the reason.

It reminded me of how many of us struggle daily to be remembered, to be internet famous, to build a legacy that will be remembered and talked about when we are gone.

But what if we can’t remember, after all the struggle and sacrifice, what we have built?

I do my best to live in my moment. I want to enjoy my day, I want to feel good about my choices, I want to be able to do that now…. not later. When I’m 70 or 80 or 90 I won’t be sitting in a chair living in my memories, I plan to be making new great days.

This way of living means I give every day as much as I can. It means I work every day towards being better, more knowledgeable, and hopefully, I end each day happy… regardless of whatever stresses I might face.

Sure I have days of frustration if I don’t make as much progress as I’d like to have made, but I’m still happy at the end of the day for the ability to be able to make the effort.

As we move into the weekend, I take the awesome with the not so awesome and give the week a solid 10. Did I get everything on my list done? Nope. Did I make progress, learn something new, make someone smile and laugh, and make sure I gave my furry girls undivided time for belly rubs and kisses… Yes!

So what are you working for?

If it’s to climb some ladder with some imaginary reward at the top… ask yourself if the effort still matters right now, if later you won’t remember it.

Sacrificing your time, your family, your personal goals… are they worth whatever it is you are working for?

I personally love the indignation I hear in people’s voices when they complain that they can’t reach me… I mean don’t I answer my phone? email? text messages?

Not when I’m giving belly rubs and kisses because that’s what I’M working for.

What are YOU working for?


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