I honestly believe that there is a direct correlation between exercise and success.

Here are my thoughts…

Exercise is hard. It isn’t for the faint-hearted. It takes a lot of effort, there’s generally pain involved, it makes you tired, it makes you sore, and you are faced with challenges constantly. It’s rarely ever fun when you are pushing yourself.

But the aftermath… that part isn’t too bad. You feel accomplished. You made it through another workout or run or bike ride. You pushed through.

Regular exercise takes persistence. You have to create a habit and even then, when the weather is bad, you might look outside and wonder if it’s worth it.

Unlike business, no one pays you money at the end of a hard workout or a six-mile run. Nope. There’s no monetary motivation for exercise unless you happen to be a pro-athlete.

But if you can make doing the hard thing part of your life regularly, something starts to happen mentally. Things that might have seemed difficult before become easier. Faced with a six-mile run, in rain, makes getting the tax paperwork in order far more appealing.

When I finished the ½ marathon I did years ago, I remember sitting on the ground in the finisher’s area feeling numb and pained, all at the same time. I felt like my body was not my body. Everything hurt so much that it just felt like a constant vibration. And yet, in that moment, I knew that I could do so much more.

I still think back on where we started our run, downtown, and where we ended up, in Tempe at the university stadium. It was far. I’d drive it and think, “How did I run all that way?”

It really puts things into perspective.

Suddenly that extra cold call doesn’t seem so terribly difficult. The blog post seems, well, almost easy to write.

There are all kinds of scientific reasons to make exercise part of your life. But for me, the exercise, the running, it’s just one more way I stay productive. And, here’s the thing, I don’t ever just go through the motions. I push myself every time I go out. I either focus on distance or speed, but I challenge myself. I never just simply jog. The more I push myself out on those runs or bike rides, the more I find I get done in my work and life.

Part of working 4 hours a day means getting lots of stuff done during those 4 hours. I have to be productive or I can’t make the process a success.

Without learning to focus all my energy on moving my legs and filling my lungs with air… step after step after step, there would be no way for me to live a balanced work life.

Discipline is good. It creates the world’s best artists and musicians, writers and dancers, athletes and, dare I say, entrepreneurs.

No matter what form of exercise you choose, walking or running, weights or yoga, or even just a sit up challenge, give it your absolute all. Push through the pain and difficulty, put in one more push-up or 2 more minutes on the treadmill. I promise when you’re done you’ll find you can do just about anything you put your mind to.

Okay, I need to go for a run!


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