How to Make Your Business Plan Lift Off
by Matthew Needham

I wanted to make my first book read of the New Year a good one. I saved one I had received about a week ago and decided it was the perfect way to kick off my reading challenge for 2014!

This year I’ve decided to set the reading bar much lower (last year was 100 books), so I’ve set a challenge to read 50 books. If you want to follow me on Goodreads, here’s the link >>

Now for the first book of 2014!

I chose, How To Make Your Business Plan Lift Off by Matthew Needham.

First, my general overview is that it is concise, clear, and 100% on target. Go read it, now.

Second, if you think it’s a technical book that will bore you to bits, think again. It is a very easy read. It is heavy enough to cover the subject matter but light enough to enjoy. Matthew is far from boring.

I agree with just about everything in How To…Lift Off. If you are considering putting together a business plan Matthew’s book is a great resource.

I really like the structure of How To…Lift Off. Matthew starts out by explaining what a business plan is but also addresses some myths about them as well. One key item I really like is the idea that your business plan can be one page. That bit alone is extremely valuable, especially for solopreneurs who might think they don’t need a business plan.

And, he covers, nicely, the topic of whether or not you need a business plan and why.

The book also covers some of the important parts of understanding your business, something that is necessary even if you don’t decide to prepare a business plan. And, if you do, by getting clear on your business, you make the process of preparing a business plan far easier.

Finally, Matthew covers the structure of a business plan, the what goes where part and then further develops what belongs in each section and why.Again, it’s all very clear and concise.

Matthew’s years of experience and background are why this book is so good. Having read hundreds of business plans, he really knows what works and what doesn’t. That kind of experience is extremely valuable.

How to Make Your Business Plan Lift Off is definitely a great choice for starting your New Year reading list off right!


You can find Matthew Needham at his blog >> The Big Red Tomato Company

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