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As an entrepreneur, I have my hand in a bunch of businesses and activities that support other small businesses, not just mine.

One of those businesses is VisualsSpeak. In the last few weeks the founder of VisualsSpeak, Christine Martell, and I have been creating a 10-day challenge.

This challenge, as I call it, is called the Dream Big: 10 Day Clarity Soiree, and its purpose is primarily clarity. We use the VisualsSpeak visual tools to help participants think about their ideas or projects in new ways.

It’s been a particularly fun experiment. We’ve learned a lot from creating and running the challenge. Participants how had some great results.

The process of creating a course or a class is hard. There are lots of moving pieces. And, just like running a small business, there are constant insights and pivots that take place.

Some of these insights have been pretty interesting given that Christine and I are very different in the way we approach ideation, creation, and execution. Even though we happen to be best friends, we still surprise each other with revelations we make as we go through our own thought processes.

One of those has been about making “mistakes” and how we each see “mistakes” in totally different ways.

First, I don’t call the things that go wrong, “mistakes”.

Second, I’m not a perfection and a “break-even person”.

Christine, on the other hand… is a perfectionist and, as a result, has a pretty intense reaction to the things that go wrong… she calls them “mistakes”.

We took some time out from creating our 10 Day Clarity Soiree to talk about “mistakes”, what they mean and why they matter (hint: they don’t).

I also talk about what a “break-even person” is and why you should do your best to work towards a break-even point model.

(This a candid conversation, one that we think can benefit others. If you are looking for lots of polish, you’ve come to the wrong place. But, you probably already know that for me, the best information I can give you is the information that focuses on content. Good information doesn’t require any polish or… perfection.)

We’d love to hear your take on making mistakes and perfectionism!

If you are interested in the 10 Day Clarity Soiree you can find information in this post with sign-up instructions: A Path to Bringing Your Projects to Life

If you’d like to learn more about visit the website and the tools.

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