Soooooooo… the interesting thing about self-imposed challenges is that you really learn a LOT. And, some of that learning comes in very unexpected ways.

After my second formal pistol competition last week, I felt like I wasn’t seeing as clearly as I could be. The competition takes place a night with lights. I figured my eye glasses were old and in need of replacement.

Being the good “doobie” that I am I made an appointment to have my eyes checked. After some interesting tests by the optometrist, I discovered that I’d been using my non-dominate eye to aim.

You know the old trick about how things move when you aim with different eyes, right? Well that was me, totally assuming I was aiming to the center of the target but in reality I was aiming to the left.

Wow. Shazamaroli!

It explains a lot.

So why was I doing this? Well because I was automatically using the eye that could see better. Turns out with my glasses on, when I focus on the front sight of my handgun, I see better with my left eye, the non-dominate one.

The solution? Glasses for shooting. Which will actually help me when I do anything at arms length like painting or even working on the computer. Woweee.

Without the eye exam and without explaining to the doc I was undertaking a new hobby, I would not ever have known what was happening.

Unexpected, yes. Cool, yeah.

So the pic above is a digital photo of my eyeball. That is cool too!

Starting The New Challenges

I’ll continue on with the pistol competition because I am really enjoying it. I have a few more weeks of painting left so I will keep working on that too.

But for the new challenges I’ll be starting the paper quilling in a few days. I’ve convinced my Mommy to undertake this challenge with me so that will be fun.

The second challenge is mountain biking. The class I’m taking will be coming up in a few days. It is designed to help get you learning how to better tackle terrain. It’s been years and years since I biked regularly and I always struggled with rugged terrain then, especially going down a steep rocky trail. My hope is that this class will help me learn some skills so that I can head out and ride trails that are more varied. Right now I stick to pretty tame, flat stuff.

In order to be prepared for the bike challenge I have done some riding on bike paths. If you don’t ride regularly your asslet will feel the effects of those bike seats and I wanted to make sure I toughened up before the class.

Finally, Results

Below is a picture I used as a guide for my painting class and the subsequent acrylic painting that I created. I have some detail work to do still but it is 95% complete. I think it’s a pretty good start for a newbie! Of course, I need to keep my confidence up so it could be horrible and I’d still say it was pretty good!

saguaro flower sag paint

Your turn! What are you learning or working on for 2014.


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  • Sarah Arrow

    Wow, that’s some eyeball!
    Funny how the new hobby is changing your life the better.

    So, in a few weeks we should see improved shooting and even better painting 🙂 that’s great news

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