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When I was a kid I would say, “IF there is a heaven, I hope it’s just like here, like earth, with all the good and bad and challenges. It would be really boring if we didn’t have problems to solve.”

I still feel that way.

Life is a constant challenge and that’s what I like about it. Okay so sometimes things really suck, right… but you get the opportunity to turn things around if you want.

Speaking of things going astray and turning things around, I’ve come to the conclusion that I might actually be allergic to the first week of the month…

In January my challenge plans were thwarted by a sinus infection and this month my challenge plans have been thwarted by a pretty bad migraine. BUT there are still three weeks left which means I need to regroup.

The first new challenge was to learn paper quilling. We had planned a big “getting started” day for Saturday but because of my broken brain, it didn’t happen. So, Mommie and I will shoot for the next Saturday. This will give me some additional time to do a little more research.

The second challenge for February was to attend a mountain bike skills clinic and it was scheduled for Sunday. Of course my brain wouldn’t allow it, not sure when they will run another one but I am on the list for a spot. The idea behind this challenge is to boost my skills and start doing some group rides.

The rides are scheduled late in the day so generally a light is needed. I’m a little uncomfortable riding at night. Truth be told… I’m terrified of falling. I really hate falling.

This phobia has a name… barophobia.

I once convinced my brother that if we got on the roof we could see the 4th of July fireworks so much better. I made it up on to the roof but then… I couldn’t get down. Ladders and me… we don’t mix.

It’s not about the height; it’s about the fall. I figured the class would give me some much need confidence, or at least prove that I’m not going to fall every 5 seconds.

This challenge may be on hold. I may wait for the clinic. Or I might get really brave and head out to one of the group rides.

This week is the last week for Practical Pistol competition on Thursday nights. There’s a three-week break. It might be a good time to replace that weekly activity with a group ride.

The question is… am I brave enough? Time will tell. It’s not just about riding in the dark, it’s also about other people… as an introvert I’m not comfortable joining groups of people that I don’t know… very scary.

The painting is still going well and I will have completed another painting in class this week. As for the pistol shooting, new glasses have arrived so I will be able to try them out this week to see if I improve.

Last week’s competition was a little bit of a bust. I had bad ammo in one of the sessions. So my gun kept jamming and that caused me to lose a lot of time. It affected my overall score and was pretty frustrating. I did see improvement in the other rounds. I had to really focus on getting my left eye closed before starting so that I could use my dominant eye. My aim was far better. But when I had to stop and change a magazine, I automatically went back to the non-dominate eye.

My research shows that even though I could eventually learn to compensate… the best strategy might be to put a piece of tape over the lens of my glasses to force use of the correct eye. Lots of elite shooters do this so I’m going to give it a try.

That’s it for now… yes, I’m reading books but I’ve got three going and I haven’t finished one yet, but you’ll be the first to know!

What’s on your plate for February?


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