Soooooo, a few months ago I talked about taking risks in a Facebook live session. Not everyone got a chance to see it so I thought I’d share it here.

Let’s start by talking about taking risks… you need to do it! It’s super important when it comes to building and growing your business, as well as, your personal life. Some of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had were through taking a risk. Some of the most important people in my life were met through taking risks.

Putting yourself out there can be uncomfortable, sure, but missed opportunities might cost you a new friend, business partner, or project. I’m not saying you should extend an introduction to every single person you meet, because that might be too much if you’re introverted like I am. But when you do see someone you think would be a good connection, then do it. Just once each time you are out and see what it leads to.

Sometimes you walk away with nothing more than an intermittent connection with someone like the time I got my car fixed, sometimes it’s more, you just never know.

So! Take a minute or two to watch my video episode on risk, I think you’ll like it!

What I cover in the video:

  • Diana Nyad, the world’s greatest long-distance swimmer
  • Phoenix Symphony conductor Tito Munoz
  • Dinner with a stare – what the hellvetica are you looking at?
  • Risk taking and connection
  • Missed opportunities
  • Risk leads to success
  • Fear of rejection
  • Do it anyway… please!
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