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You know this whole process of doling out advice, of “consulting”, and of “coaching”…

How dare I presume to know and understand your issue and solve it having never walked in your shoes?

It’s simply not possible.

I certainly can’t do it with a blog post or an article.

I have not walked in your shoes. What could I possibly know about what it’s like to walk in them?

We are individuals. Our challenges are individual. I can’t presume to solve any problem in an eBook.

Here’s What I Can Do…

I can offer general advice, suggestions, things I know to be true, things that have worked for me, things that have worked for others, known and vetted information.

That kind of consulting and coaching works for a lot of people. A good thought provoking article can give someone a new way of looking at things… a new way of thinking about things. But it isn’t a solution, it is simply a suggestion.

Here’s What I Can Do That Matters…

Borrow your shoes and wear them.

Listen and hear. Understand and embrace.

Then, I can hand you your shoes back and I can help you move forward. I can offer advice that only comes from having worn your shoes.

Generic advice is okay. We are bombarded with generic advice all day long. How to be more successful, how to make more money, how to be a better negotiator, how to have a more balanced life, how to… how to… how to…

Perhaps I’ve actually read too much generic advice lately because it is all beginning to sound the same. And I’m beginning to sound jaded.

But helping someone be more successful if they happen to be introverted, tough, and savvy is a lot different than helping someone who is extroverted, thin-skinned, and high energy. These are two different people and they deserve two different solutions.

How dare I, or anyone, try to tell them that if they just do xyz they will be successful?

It doesn’t work that way.

So here’s my promise, I will continue to talk broadly about having a balanced and successful work life, I will tell you what works for me, I will tell you what works for my clients, I will give you every bit of information I can.

But I also promise that it can’t possibly resonate with every one of you… and it probably won’t work for every one of you because you are not me and you are not the client who’s story I share.

You are you. You are unique in every possible way.

The Best I Can Do

… is to share as much as I can, the best way I can. When that isn’t enough then I can wear your shoes, with your permission, and I can understand your unique situation.

Is this a sales pitch? Nope. It simply is what it is. There is a point where we cannot see the forest for the trees when it comes to our lives and our businesses. I can’t which is why I have a coach/consultant that I work with regularly every month.

The truth is this, when I’m spending my cognitive energy helping clients, I give it my all. My clients don’t stray far from my thoughts. It leaves little energy for my own goals. I miss simple things like how to manage Facebook settings, really, and when I’m reminded I sometimes feel foolish.

But I recognize that I have a choice. I can spend only a small amount of time helping my clients move forward and lots of time figuring out Facebook. Or I can devote my energy to my clients and have someone help me sort out the Facebook stuff. It’s faster, more efficient, and in the end, more profitable for my clients.

It’s a choice. We have to choose how we spend our energy. We have to choose when to step back and get help. We have to choose when to keep moving forward and trying to solve every problem ourselves. We have to make choices.

Having a coach/consultant who has my back… well it’s the best money I’ve ever spent. Without them I would be fumbling around looking for privacy settings on Facebook instead of writing these words.

And without these words you might miss the whole point.

The point is this… no matter where you are in your business reach out and ask for help. Ask for feedback. Ask for suggestions. Don’t let your business beat you up. Before I could afford to pay for help I simply reached out to those in my network who had some expertise. I sought advice from my mastermind group.

Don’t go it alone. It isn’t efficient. If you plan on accomplishing more then you will need efficiency, you will need help. Seek it out sooner than later and get used to doing it.

After all, how dare you shortchange your own unique possibilities by accepting only generic advice?


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