I’m no minimalist. Nope, not me.

But I’m not a hoarder either.

I like to have the stuff that I want, need, and use around me and if I no longer want, need, or use it… I’d rather not have it in my way.

So why am I telling you this?

Well, to explain why I took the morning off to clean my garage.

Now most people would think I already had a pretty clean garage. The thing is I try to be organized but not OCD. I like to have all the soup cans together but they don’t need to be alphabetized and facing forward.

My point is that everyone has a level of organization that suits him or her; that level of organization keeps the brain feeling open and free vs. cluttered and overwhelmed.

Start to get a bit to cluttered and disorganized, and our brains tell us. We start to look around at the piles and feel a twinge of overwhelm.

As things get worse… that twinge becomes an overwhelming urge to scream.

Want to have more balance in your life? Spend one hour at the first sign of the overwhelm tinge getting things back in order.

It really does make a tremendous difference in energy levels.

I admit there was a time when I would just let it go and be overwhelmed, unhappy, and even depressed about it. Once the main source of constant clutter was removed from my life, and I found that the only source of disorganization was just me… it became a whole lot easier to manage.

Aside from the plethora of dog toys stewn about on the floor in every room in the house, I’m the only one who makes a mess, so organizing is easy.

I had been collecting a pile of things in the corner of the garage that need to be addressed. Old files for shredding, old magazines, old books, stuff for charity, etc. One day last week, I opened the garage door to pull in and park, as I drove in I saw the pile and thought… what a mess! I also kind of thought, what would the neighbors think if they saw that mess. (Yes, really.)

So today I dealt with it. Took an hour to organize and sort, then off to the Goodwill to donate.

I feel better, garage looks better, stuff is handed off to someone who might be able to use it. What’s not good about that?

I use the same process in my office. I have a holding area and when it gets out of control I deal with it.

Even if you like piles, you’ve got to admit, once in awhile you need to reorganize those piles.

Leading a balance-driven life means noticing and acting on the things that deplete our energy, the things that overwhelm us, the things that affect our mental state.

Now… to deal with the dog toys…



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