“Say what you wanna say, and let the words fall out,
Honestly I wanna to see you be brave.”
– Sara Bareilles



I’m not brave.


A few times in my life I’ve been brave. When the stakes were really high. When I didn’t think I had any other choice. Then… in those moments… I was brave.

I admire brave.

I think brave is cool.

I think brave is sexy.

Brave can be really, really hard.

I personally find that it is sooooo much easier to just not do the brave thing, whatever that thing is.

And, for each person, the acts that require us to be brave are so very different. What might be brave for you might not be an act of brave for me.

What is brave for me is probably NOT what you think.  Anymore, I find that the things that require huge amounts of brave for me are things I can simply choose not to do. The sky won’t fall. No one will get hurt. My life’s not going to change.

But that’s just it isn’t it… my life won’t change.

So a couple of days ago, I steeled my nerves and I did something brave. Something I had steeled my nerves for several times before and failed. But two days ago… I did it, I actually did it.

Now, here’s the thing… it didn’t go as expected but the unexpected became a moment of joy.

I got an extremely unexpected opportunity to help someone. To help someone with something that they were really struggling with. With something that is consuming their life.

This person’s eyes welled up but no tears fell. And then the words tumbled out. All the stress, all the guilt, all the horrible that is their current life as they see it.

I was in a unique position to offer help. Advice. Suggestions. Clarity.

In the end, the person literally skipped down the hallway where we were talking.

In that moment, I forgot how stressed I had been at doing my brave thing. I just started laughing. I took one last look down the hall and realized that it was a moment of pure joy.

I just made someone happy. I gave them clarity and even a moment of levity.

How cool is that?

So my question is this… What’s stopping you?

What brave thing do you need to do?

Is it possible that it could become a moment of joy, if you could, just maybe, steel your nerves and try?

Brave is hard.

Brave can end in disappointment.

But brave can also be incredibly rewarding.

And yet, I remain…

Not very brave… well, not often anyway.


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