So everyone does things differently, and we all have strengths and weaknesses when it comes to how we work each day.

Writing for me… not a problem.

Using Photoshop for more than just basic tasks… eh, might take more time.

BEFORE you run out and buy the next best app, you have to first determine what you need and why.

If writing isn’t an issue for me and I type 80 wpm… I probably don’t need a text expander, but you might.

I’m probably one of the rare people who is very minimalistic when it comes to tools, I want to use the least amount of tools to get the job done. I don’t like having more than 5 tabs open on my browser and I love having as many tasks completed in one program or application as possible.

I know lots of people who have 20+ tabs open and my head hurts when I see it! But it might work for them. I think to myself how much time does it take to figure out which tab you need?

Another important thing here is that tools take time to learn, so you must be willing to put the time into learning the tool or at least the parts of it you need, before it can help you be more efficient.

So each week we’ll be talking about a new tool and I’m hoping that you’ll weigh in with your favorites because I’d love to get on Zoom with you and talk about it!

Let’s get to the tools! Joint Video

So the first tool is Zoom. Over the years I’ve used Skype and Google Hangouts, along with Facetime, to do video calling. At one point I had a paid application called Call Recorder that worked with Skype to record the video call.

Recently I had to rethink my call video tool choices and I lost a lot of time, HOURS of time.

My friend Christine Martell and I decided to run a 10-day challenge and we wanted to record some of our conversations discussing our contributions in the course. We figured Facebook Live would do the trick. We could record our joint video conversation with FB Live while sharing only with each other. Then, download, edit, re-upload to group.

Problem number one… you can only do a video with more than one person using the FB app on your phone. So we lost time confirming that little bit. Then we needed a way to prop the phone for recording, so we lost time figuring out the tripod piece. BUT WORST THAN THAT, we lost countless hours just getting it to work! It would take almost 10 minutes just to get us in a shared video, then one of us was pixelated or breaking up, or the whole thing would freeze. We lost hours.

So we tried a few different things… Facetime… nope. Google Hangouts, Skype? Nope. Nope.

Finally, we tried Zoom. I had only used it once before. It worked perfectly. Getting a shared video screen took no time at all and it records! To be on the safe side I used ScreenFlow to record the screen as we did our Zoom conversation so that I would have a backup just in case.

When our recording was finished, an mp4 file was automatically downloaded to my laptop, I loaded it into iMovie and did my edits.

It worked like a dream! Zoom for the win!

Let me know how you do multiple person video conversations!

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