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The roller coaster of starting your own business can be overwhelming.

In the beginning, the adrenaline keeps you going. There are so many things to do and many of them are exciting and fun. Getting business cards, putting up a website, designing your office space…

But once all the initial start-up tasks are completed and the real work begins, your initial dreams and ideas begin to fade away.

Suddenly the phone is ringing and you’re inundated with email. Bills start to come in and you begin taking any work that comes your way to simply survive.

A few months pass and suddenly in a moment of quiet you realize… “This isn’t what I signed up for!!!”

New businesses start out as dreams, as ideas. We day-dream about what we want our business to look like, how we want it to feel, how it will change our lives for the better. It’s exciting and fun.

Rarely do the initial ideas turn out exactly as we plan. Reality gets in the way.

But What If There Was Another Way?

Sometimes we become so entrenched in the reality of the day-to-day that we can no longer see that big picture idea. We become so focused on the details, the tasks, the immediate urgencies that we forget to stop and think about whether or not the actions and choices we are making fit with that original idea.

Who has time to worry about that dream idea when the expenses are mounting and the workload is overwhelming?

So how can we start to turn things around, how can we start to get back to building the dream business?

The first step is to realize that anything worth building requires focused time and energy. Time spent each week reviewing where your business is currently, where you want your business to be, and the gap is a critical exercise.

Taking time to look at the idea and the reality can help you to begin to change course.

The idea is to close that gap between what you want your business to be and where it currently is. What changes need to be made?

Once you know what changes are necessary, how can you begin to outline a plan to create those changes and what action steps will be necessary to get there?

Loaded questions but valuable ones.

It is simply zooming out, away from the details of the day-to-day, and looking the bigger picture.

It’s easy to stay mired in the here and now. But businesses are what we make of them. If we let outside forces set the course of how our business will operate, we risk losing control of our original vision.

The question then is… how badly do you want to create your ideal business?

How motivated are you to change course?

The very ideas and dreams that motivated you to begin in the first place deserve your attention.

Will you give them the time and attention they deserve?

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