The Epic Challenges List 2016

Did I get your attention? LOL Read on, you’ll see why Epic is my word of choice… I’ve worked throughout the month of January to set up my big Challenges for the year and then scrapped them… Here’s why… someone I care about passed away. It was unexpected and tragic. I realized that I need […]

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Success, It’s Not a Mystery

There are some things in business you simply cannot get wrong. And, depending upon the type of business you have, there may be more things for you than other types of businesses. (I’m not trying to generalize all businesses.) What I am trying to do, is point out one key difference between success and the […]

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Omar Sharif in Lawrence of Arabia

Random Thoughts: This is NOT About Alzheimer’s

Earlier this month, Tarek El-Sharif revealed that his father, Hollywood legend Omar Sharif, is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Omar Sharif appeared in Hollywood movies Lawrence of Arabia, Dr. Zhivago, and The King and I. Sharif, now 83, has difficulty remembering he was a movie star and is often confused when he is approached by fans. “He […]

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bike on the beach

Changing Things Up!

So it’s time to change things up a little bit around here… Many of you know that over the last few months I’ve been a little bit quiet. Cancer and chemotherapy will do that to you… you find you have to really structure the use of your time because side effects can take time from […]

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roller coaster

Are You Building Your Dream Business?

The roller coaster of starting your own business can be overwhelming. In the beginning, the adrenaline keeps you going. There are so many things to do and many of them are exciting and fun. Getting business cards, putting up a website, designing your office space… But once all the initial start-up tasks are completed and […]

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